Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Hop

We are participating in Lori Anderson's 2013 Bead Soup Blog Hop!  Here's how it works: we are paired up with another jewelry artist, and must create a "bead soup" to inspire her.  She does the same for us.  We then create a piece of jewelry with our "soup" and post it on our blogs on our reveal date, which for us is April 6.
Here is Lori's blog:  She is fabulous for organizing all this--it's an international even with HUNDREDS of artists participating!
So...our partner is another artist from Ohio.  Her name is Kate, and she owns Mulligan Stew Jewelry.  Check out her blog:  She is super talented and her work is just gorgeous!
After much anticipation, Kathy and I received our bead soup package from Kate.  Here is the gorgeous box that was inside the package.
And when we opened it...
And here it is with everything laid out...
Oh my goodness, our minds were spinning with all the things we could make from this soup!!  After much discussion and consideration, I think we have a plan in mind.  I can't wait for the reveal!
Plus, I can't wait to see what Kate comes up with from the soup we sent her.  Here is is...
The toggle and the focal leaf are both handmade by Kathy using PMC (pure metal clay), which means they are pure silver.  The leaf is actually a real leaf that was coated in the PMC, and then burned off when it was fired in the kiln.  With Kate's talent, I know she will create something wonderful!

Make sure you check back on our reveal date (April 6), and check out Kate's blog too!