Monday, January 28, 2013

14 Days of Valentine's Earrings

We are starting a new Facebook series today called "The 14 Days of Valentine's Earrings."  We will post a new pair of Valentine's earrings on Facebook each day.  After 14 days we will draw a name and give away a free pair of earrings.  Here's how to enter:
1. Become a fan of Partners in Charms on Facebook (
2. "Like" the earring photos (Ok, so if you don't get to every single one of them, I guess we won't hold it against you!)
3.  Leave a comment here on the blog.

That's it!  If you win the drawing, you will get to pick any one of the 14 different earrings.  Pretty cool, huh?
I'll add each day's earrings to the tab at the top of the blog.
So get on over to Facebook and check us out!


  1. Hello Kathleen! I am trying to get in touch with you regarding the Bead Soup blog party. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can. Thanks! Kate

  2. You guys made such pretty earrings. :-)

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  4. Love the rings Stef! How do you get your nails to look so good? :) The earings are beautiful and I love, love, love the running charms! Makes me want to get in shape ;)

    1. I must admit, I was blessed with good nails!
      I'm with you on the running charms. They ALMOST make me want to take up running! Thanks, Cara!